Help Us Empower Teenage Girls through Career Exploration & Cultural Exchange

Karismatic Minds are taking a group Inner London teenage girls to New York for a once in a life time Summer Exchange. "Expose them to difference & re-shape their reality" merge this with real life experience and you have an empowered generation of social change agents, shifting the economic landscape. This Leadership & Development opportunity will allow 8 girls, aged 13-18 years old to form international partnerships, share through lived experience, diversify cultural intelligence & most importantly provide a gateway for future career aspirations. 

Activities/Events will include: *Career Exploration - A day in the life of a CEO in their designated field *Female Empowerment - Leadership & Development exchange with US girls group *New York Dream Centre - Charity Work in deprived communities *Cultural Exploration - Exploring youth culture in America, lived experience, galleries, expedition, affirmative action campaigns *Just A Girl - Enterprise Challenge

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